Our dedication to our scheduled surf students during this Covid-19 Pandemic:

#1: Screening and Protection: Please wear a mask upon entry for check in. Only surf students ( 1 guardian for minor surfers) shall be allowed in classroom for surf into. We ask all spectators to wait safely in waiting room until students surf intro is complete.

Also, we shall services to anyone showing signs or symptoms of being any type of "sick": coughing, fever ect. If you developed symptoms please call ahead to reschedule.

We are a multi-generational 100% family owned and operated surf school and must stay proactive to protect not only our customers but our family and place of business/home from the risk of cross contamination and infection.

#2: Social Distancing: we have adapted our scheduling to ONLY provide exclusive class times per singular reservation. This means our students will not be combined into a class with other bookings and shall only be booked as private classes to minimize the risk and potential for cross contamination from others.  At this time, General Admission surf classes are not available. 

#3: Travel Restrictions & Quarantine Mandates: All those traveling to Hawai'i Island by plane, we must confirm that you have passed any mandatory quarantine period and testing as deemed by authorities prior to surfing with us. All students are required to agree to the Covid Policy terms and conditions within our online reservation booking process. 

#4: We remain on full alert per any changes or mandates from our government officials to remain in 100% compliance and safe through this unprecedented time and will keep our customers informed as information is made available to us.

Cancellation Policy:  In the event that surf school shut down is ordered by government mandates due to Covid-19, all current reservations within that time period will not incur any cancellation fee and will be 100% refunded.

If any persons is present for surf class and a HLSI staff member deems you ill upon check in (coughing, fever, shortness of breath) You will not be permitted to participate.

Standard cancellation policy shall apply (48hr full charge)

Aloha Always- Team HLSI 'Ohana 


Hawaii Lifegaurd Surf Instructors: 75-5909 ALi'i Drive. Kailua-kona HI 96740

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